Daily Gaming Challenges

Replay FX will host a series of daily gaming challenges in a variety of formats. Prizes will range from t-shirts to cash. Challenges are intended to be both fast-paced and entertaining for viewers. All attendees are allowed to enter each event at no cost.

A full set of Daily Challenges with associated prizes and schedules will be added below as we think of more fun things we want to watch all of you do!


Art & Audio

Art and Audio Challenge

Art and Audio ChallengeArt & Audio Challenge – Every day at 12pm

Can you name that sound?

Can you identify that video game screen shot, arcade sideart, or pinball backglass?

The Art & Audio Challenge will pit players against one another in a series of ten-question rounds. Each question will consist of a moderator displaying a piece of video game or pinball artwork, an audio clip, or both. For each question, the first competitor to press the buzzer will have five seconds, and one guess, to identify the referenced game. Players who correctly identify the game will receive a point. Players who guess incorrectly will lose a point.

Mini-Duck Hunt

Ms. Pac-Man

Duck HuntMiniature Duck Hunt – Thursday 12pm – 6pm

Take a deep breath… focus… follow the feathers…

Think you’re a good shot? We want you to prove it! Replay FX has ramped up the difficulty of this NES classic launched in 1984 by scaling down the screen. We will be challenging attendees on our 1980’s-fresh Panasonic television that comes complete with a UHF adapter, antenna, AM radio, and a whopping 4-inch screen! Just to make things even more interesting, we picked up an NES light gun with a longer-than-normal cord to push challengers even farther away. Don’t step over the line!

First place will receive a super-awesome custom-printed Replay FX Medal!


Attack from the Back

Attack from the BackAttack from the Back – Friday 12pm – 6pm

Those of you who visited PAPA Headquarters years ago may remember this throwback classic, back by popular demand! Attack from the Back features an Attack from Mars pinball machine wired with the cabinet buttons placed on top of the backbox. The pinball machine sits on the floor without legs, and players must stand behind the machine while playing from a reverse angle.

Players are free to compete as many times as they like. First place will receive a super-awesome custom-printed Replay FX Medal!

After the competition is completed, the machine will remain for attendees to play and challenge one another.

Tattoo Assassins

Tattoo Assassins

Tattoo AssassinsTattoo Assassins Fighting Tournament – Friday 9pm

Have you ever wanted to compete on the worst fighting game of all time? Tattoo Assassins was considered ground-breaking in its use of high-powered moves, such as farting your opponent to death or shooting laser beams out of your nether regions. This arcade machine was never mass produced, but we are (un?)lucky enough to have two working prototypes that will be on display for the general public.

Players will square off in a head-to-head bracket and compete. First place will receive a super-awesome custom-printed Replay FX Medal!


Ms. Pac-Man

Ms. Pac-ManBlindfolded Team Ms. Pac-Man – Saturday 12pm – 6pm

Two players will team up to play the turbo version of the arcade classic Ms. Pac-Man. One team member will be tasked with controlling the game while blindfolded. The second team member will instruct the first with verbal cues on where to move. At no point will the blindfolded player be permitted to look at the video game’s screen. At no point will the second, non blind-folded player, be permitted to touch the controls.

First place will receive a super-awesome custom-printed Replay FX Medal!