Hotel Information

Attendees with access to a vehicle will find hotels within a few miles of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on Expedia or Priceline for under $100. Event parking will range between $5 and $12 per day.

Attendees traveling from the airport should consider saving money by not renting a car. The location for ReplayFX was specifically chosen within the heart of Pittsburgh’s Cultural District to provide centrally-located options for tournament competitors on a tight schedule, vacation-related options for general attendees, and sightseeing options for families.

Whether you’re seeking a wide range of restaurants, both fast-food and four-star, shopping, additional entertainment, or a trip on one of Pittsburgh’s three beautiful rivers, you will find it, and more, nearby.

Omni William Penn

Name: Omni William Penn
Address: 530 William Penn Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-281-7100
Room Cost: $139
Hotel Website

Featuring lavish cherry wood furnishings and beautiful moldings, the spacious guest quarters at the Omni William Penn will take you back to an era of Old-World charm and elegance. Famous industrialist Henry Frick envisioned this hotel as Pittsburgh’s showpiece. Only a half-mile from the convention center, the Omni offers a fitness center, a built-in Starbucks, and exquisite luxury.

Superstring Motel

Name: The Superstring Motel
Address: Perseus Arm of Milky Way, Quadrant NQ1
Phone: 2K1-ππ∆-ø7G4
Room Cost: 700 Interstellar Credits
Group Discount Website – Coming Soon

The Superstring Motel is the finest inter-dimensional lodging in the galaxy. Located in an alternate reality at the edge of a distant nebula, this motel offers zero-gravity bedding, romantic, radiation-free dining beneath the observation dome, an up-close look at the Crab Pulsar, and your own alternate reality evil-self complete with piercing eyes and a bad moustache. The Superstring Motel does not offer a shuttle back to ReplayFX due to our inability to exceed the speed of light, but attendees are welcome to “Ride the Wormhole”, an exciting roller coaster-like trip through curved space-time that may or may not crush every molecule in your body into tiny strands of spaghetti-like goo. The Superstring Motel is pet friendly.