Pinball History

Pinball Oral History Project

Mark Steinman of Replay Foundation and historian Steve Paschen are working on a new history of pinball. The heart of the project will be the personal stories of people who have a passion for the game. This includes not only players who rank in the top echelons of competitive tournaments, but also the players who just like to compete. You can be part of this project by answering a few questions relating to your own experience in tournaments, local pinball leagues, playing games you own, or operating a pinball-related business. Whatever your age, level of play, or background, we are interested in your story.

Your responses will be preserved in a pinball history archives and may be quoted in a pinball history that will appear in print and electronic form. All responses will be the property of Replay Foundation.

We appreciate your interest in this project. Our hope is to preserve stories about pinball from the perspective of you, the pinball player. In your own words please answer the questions below as descriptively as you can.


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