Cosplay All Weekend:
Contest Saturday!

Cosplay All Weekend: Contest Saturday!

Date: Saturday
Cost: Free with Replay FX admission
Prizes: $2,500 plus medals
Contest Organizer: Malicious Cosplay
Mandatory Pre-Judging: Hall B Concourse
Novice: 11:30AM
Journeyman & Master: 1PM
Youth: 2PM
Contest: Main Stage, 3:30PM

Attendees, humanoid or otherwise, are encouraged to have fun, be fun, and dress fun! And if you’re going to dress up and show off your stuff at Replay FX, you may as well reserve a spot in our cosplay contest, which awards over $2,500 in cash and prizes! So break out your best Mario, Marty McFly, or Samus Aran, and get ready to strut through those doors in style!

Participation in the contest is free, but all participants must purchase a general admission pass in order to attend. Please remember our event is family-friendly; any costumes deemed unsuitable due to nudity or potentially dangerous weaponry, including legitimately functioning laser-guns or any kind of melty acid, will not be permitted.

The Replay FX Cosplay Contest is being organized and managed by Malicious Cosplay! We encourage all visitors to drop by her facebook page and show some support!

Replay FX Cosplay Contest Rules


All contestants must have a valid weekend or Saturday pass to enter the contest.

The costume contest is limited to 75 contestants in the Novice, Journeyman & Masters categories. 50 openings will be reserved for those who preregister online. An additional 25 openings will be available during pre-judging on Saturday and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note contestants in the Youth category DO NOT need to pre-register online, but they must arrive at pre-judging prior to 2:30PM in order to participate. Replay FX contest coordinators reserve the right to make any changes to the contest rules and guidelines if the need arises.


During the pre-judging portion of the event, judges will inspect each costume, inquire as to how they were designed and created, and answer questions contestants may have about the contest. All costumes must be pre-judged in order to be eligible.

Costumes from all genres (video game, comic book, anime, movies, television, ect.) are acceptable. Mashups and original designs are also permitted. This is considered a craftsmanship style contest, so the majority of your costume must be handmade.

Contestants are encouraged to bring a reference photo of the character they are portraying. The judges may not know the character in question, and this will help their ability to gauge the effectiveness of the costume.

Pre-judging will occur in the Hall B concourse the day of the competition at the times listed above. In order to keep the event on schedule, we ask that competitors take no more than 3 minutes to describe their costumes to judges, although the judges reserve the right to take extra time for larger and more intricate costumes if needed.

Contestants will be divided into 4 different categories during pre-judging. Contestants will be asked which category they prefer during pre-judging, although judges retain the right to bump a contestant into a higher category if they feel a costume deserves to be recognized at a higher skill level. Any contestant who has won any major award (Novice, Journeyman, Master, and Best in Show) in previous Replay FX costume contests must compete at the Master Level.


Any groups / duos that wish to enter the contest will be considered a single entry, and the costumes will be judged as a collective whole. Please have one representative fill out a single pre-registration form that includes details for the entire group. All groups must enter at the skill level of the highest skilled person. For example, if your group has 2 novices and 1 journeyman, you would enter in the journeyman category.


  • NOVICE: Someone who is new to costume making and/or has never won any contest awards.
  • JOURNEYMAN: Someone who has made a few costumes and/or won a few contest awards.
  • MASTER: An experienced costume maker who has won multiple costume awards.
  • YOUTH: Ages 12 and under.
  • EXCELLENCE IN SEWING: Costumes that consist heavy sewing, stitching and embroidery.
  • EXCELLENCE IN PROP / ARMOR CREATION: Costumes that involve heavy armor and prop work through molding and shaping various materials such as foam, thermo-plastics, cardboard, ect.

Judging Criteria:

  • Percentage of the costume that is handmade
  • Attention to detail
  • Quality
  • Overall appearance
  • Likeness to the character
  • Maneuverability / functionality
  • Stage presence

The contest will be fashion show style. Contestants will walk across the stage as an emcee introduces them. Contestants are encouraged to be creative during their time on stage. Action poses, working with props, or calling out a character’s catch-phrase, where relevant, will all be viewed favorably. A positive stage-presence will be valued and appreciated by the judges, assuming it does not involve breaking any of the rules listed below.


Costumes that have won an award in a previous Replay FX costume contest or any major awards in any previous costume contests are not eligible to compete in this competition.

All actual weapons and items that could be considered dangerous are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, knives, tazers, pepper spray, BB guns, cap guns, airsoft weapons, paintball guns, water guns, martial arts weaponry, including wooden practice weapons, ect. Items resembling futuristic weapons, fantasy weapons, and non-projectile boffer weapons may be allowed provided they are not handled in a careless, threatening, or destructive manner against persons or property. Please check with staff if you are unsure about your prop.

Costumes, introductions, and actions on stage must be in good taste. No nudity, offensive language or unruly behavior is permitted. This is a family-friendly event!

While on stage, jumping, flipping, running, throwing items into the audience or any movements that could compromise the safety of any contestants or spectators is prohibited. Any of these actions will result in automatic disqualification from the contest.

The use of fire, glitter, liquids, or any other objects that will cause a mess are prohibited. Leaving any portion of a costume on stage will result in automatic disqualification from the contest.

We ask that all contestants display good sportsmanship to each other and the judges.

Information on collecting prizes can be found on the Replay FX Prizes page.

AUGUST 12-15, 2021