A Pinball Competition That’s Out of This World

A Pinball Competition That’s Out of This World

Register today by purchasing your entry through ShowClix, and you will receive a player ID and pin number by e-mail before the event and avoid the tournament registration line!

In addition to the much larger Pinburgh Match-Play Pinball Championship, Replay FX includes a second WPPR-eligible pinball tournament open to all players. This tournament has been structured in a way to give anyone who desires more competitive pinball during the Replay FX weekend a chance to continue playing, and also as a way to solicit donations for a group of charities hand-picked by the Replay Foundation staff.

The tournament format will be Limited Best Game.

In exchange for a non-refundable $20 donation that will be split amongst the charities posted at the event, each player will receive 10 tickets, with each ticket representing one game on a qualifying machine. Players may not purchase additional tickets, which makes this tournament “limited” when compared to other Best Game or “Herb”-style pinball tournaments. The available qualifying bank will consist of 18 pinball machines drawn from all eras.

This is an IFPA endorsed tournament; anyone is eligible to play.

The cost to enter the tournament is a $20 donation that will be split among the charities posted at the event. All prizes consist of Replay FX vendor credit, meaning you can spend your winnings at any vendor booth inside Replay FX. All credit won must be redeemed before the end of the show Sunday at 5pm.

  • 1st: $150 +medal
  • 2nd: $100 +medal
  • 3rd: $70 +medal
  • 4th: $50 +medal
  • 5th-30th: $20

Any ties in final standings will be decided by initial qualifying seed.

At the end of qualifying on Saturday, the top 40 players will qualify for finals on Sunday. In the event that there are more than 400 players who have played at least 4 unique games, we will advance additional players in multiples of 4 to ensure at least 10% of the field of players with at least 4 unique games advance to finals.

Finals will be conducted as a 3 strike knockout tournament. Players will be grouped in 3 or 4 player groups and play one randomly assigned game. Players will record the results and return the scoresheet to the registration desk. The players who finish 3rd and 4th (or 2nd and 3rd in 3 player groups) will receive strikes.

After all results are recorded groups will be drawn again. Players will be grouped with other players with a similar number of strikes. Once a player has received 3 strikes they are eliminated from the event.

Play continues until there is only 1 player remaining. That player will be crowned the Intergalactic Pinball Champion.


3pm-6pm: Open qualifying and registration
10pm-Midnight: Qualifying open
Midnight-1am: Scorekeeper qualifying only


9am-10am: Scorekeeper qualifying only
10am-Midnight: Open qualifying and registration


9am-9:30am: Check-In for Finals
9:30am: Alternates selected. You must be physically present at the finals check-in desk at this time to be considered.
9:45am: Finals rounds begin

JULY 9-12