A Pinball Competition
That’s Out of This World!

Intergalactic Pinball Championships

In addition to the Pinburgh Match-Play Pinball Championship, Replay FX features a second IFPA-sanctioned pinball tournament open to all players. The IPC was initially designed as an introductory experience intended to bring new competitive pinball players into the game, but since its inception in 2016, IPC has quickly grown to become one of the largest competitions in the world, capped in 2020 at 800 players. IPC also doubles as a fundraiser, where 100% of the entry fees are divided and given to charities selected by the Replay Foundation staff and posted at the event.

Starting in 2020, the IPC is officially capped at 800 participants! Pre-registration opens on February 22nd at Noon EST at the link below.

Prizes & Fees

The cost to enter the tournament is a $30 donation that will be split among the charities posted at the event. All prizes consist of Replay FX exhibitor credit, meaning you can spend your winnings at any exhibitor booth inside Replay FX. All credit won must be redeemed before event close, Sunday at 5pm.

1st Place: $300 credit + medal + trophy
2nd Place: $200 credit + medal
3rd Place: $150 credit + medal
4th Place: $100 credit + medal
5th – 15th Place: $50 credit
16th-40th Place: $25 credit

*Please note, the champion is responsible for costs associated with the shipment of the trophy, if necessary. Any ties in the final standings will be decided by initial qualifying seed.


THURSDAY3PM - 6PMOpen Qualifying
10PM - 1AMOpen Qualifying
FRIDAY3PM - 6PMOpen Qualifying
10PM - 1AMOpen Qualifying
SATURDAY9AM - 10PMOpen Qualifying
10PM - 12AMScorekeeper Qualifying
SUNDAY9AMCheck-in for Final Rounds
9:30AMAlternates Selected: You must be physically present to be chosen.
9:45AMFinal Rounds Begin

Qualifying Details & Format:

Best Game Qualifying, also known among some tournament directors as the “Herb” format, is one of the most common qualifying formats in competitive pinball. The tournament begins with a preselected number of games designated as the tournament bank (in the case of IPC, that number is 22). Players purchase tickets in order to participate, where each ticket represents a single game that can be played on any of the (22) tournament machines. A competitor may play each game one after the other or repeat the same game until he or she achieves the desired score.

At the end of the qualifying period, only a player’s highest score on each pinball machine is counted toward his or her qualifying ranking. For instance, if a player has played the same game five times in a row, only the highest single score of those five games is recorded and the other four are forgotten. If a player instead chose to play five different games with his or her first five tickets, all five of those scores would count toward the qualifying total because each game would be considered that player’s “high score” on those five different machines.

In the case of IPC at Replay FX, each competitor is given 10 total tickets for the entire qualifying portion of the tournament, with no re-buys available. The available qualifying bank of pinball machines will consist of 22 different games drawn from all eras. In order to be eligible for the final rounds, a competitor must play at least 5 unique titles in the qualifying bank.

All rulings will utilize the unified PAPA / IFPA competitive pinball ruleset.

Final Rounds

At the end of the qualifying period on Saturday, the top 10% of the qualifying player pool will advance to the final rounds, which are held on Sunday. These final rounds will be conducted as a 3-Strike knockout tournament, where competitors are placed in 3 or 4 player groups and are randomly assigned a game. When finished, competitors will inform the registration desk of each game’s result. Competitors who finish in 3rd and 4th place on the chosen game (or 2nd and 3rd in 3-player groups) will receive strikes.

After all results in the first round are recorded, groups will be drawn again in a similar fashion for round 2. During ensuing rounds, competitors will be grouped alongside others who have a similar number of strikes in a Swiss format. Once a competitor has received 3 strikes, he or she is eliminated from the IPC tournament.

When a single competitor remains, he or she will be crowned the Intergalactic Pinball Champion.

AUGUST 12-15, 2021