Tekken 7

Tournament Sponsored by LFG.

Friday: Pools 10am-8pm
Saturday: Double Elimination Bracket 10am-8pm
Expected Prize Pool: $7,000+
($5,000 Pot Bonus!)

Replay FX is proud to announce a Tekken 7 tournament offering an expected prize pool of more than $7,000! All competitors are encouraged to register in advance and start practicing, because fight will be fierce in the Replay FX console tournament area!

  • Rules (same as EVO)
  • Game version: US PlayStation 4
  • Game Settings: 3/5 Rounds, 2/3 Games, 60 Seconds
  • Players agree on a stage within 15 seconds, or random select.
  • No customized colors, names, or items before or during the tournament. Any player adding character customization will be given a loss.
  • Players must provide their own controller.
  • No turbo or macros allowed.
  • Hitboxes are allowed.
  • Controller issues (lockup, pauses, disconnect) result in a round loss.
  • All stations will have an 1/8″ headphone jack available for sound, players may bring headphones for audio (it is loud on the show floor).

Pools will decide seeding for the double elimination bracket. Top 32 from pools will have a first round bye, bottom 32 start with a loss.

Top 16 finals will be played on stage. Sound proof headphones will be provided, as commentary will be live during these matches.