Important Announcement from The Replay Foundation

Hello there! We hope this message finds you safe, healthy, and coping in this difficult time.

On Thursday, March 19, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf issued an order closing the physical locations of all non-essential businesses in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. This order included our warehouse, which is where our technicians would normally be busy preparing pinball machines and arcade games for Replay FX. It takes a substantial amount of time and effort to prepare this many games for public use, some of which are decades-old, but we are currently unable to prepare at all.

Governor Wolf’s order, as well as local government directives, also prohibit gatherings. Replay FX is obviously included in this order, and even if the restrictions are relaxed, they will likely be relaxed in phases over time, as the safety of such measures cannot be gauged for several weeks.

Domestic and international travel has been severely curtailed. Our ticketing data tells us that attendees would be traveling to Replay FX from more than 500 cities around the globe, many of which have had significant virus outbreaks with community transmission. Considering our event consists of people routinely sharing controllers and touching buttons on games, it has become clear to us that even if travel restrictions and physical distancing guidelines were to be completely removed by July 2020, we would not have sufficient time to prepare for the high-quality and healthy Replay FX experience we always intend to bring to the public.

Therefore, due to these emergency measures, which constitute force majeure, we must cancel the Replay FX 2020 event which was scheduled for July 9-12 of this year.  Replay FX 2021 will be held August 12-15, 2021 at the David  L. Lawrence Convention Center. Please read below for ticketing and refund options.

REPLAY FX 2020 -> 2021 TICKETS:

REPLAY FX 2021 DATES: August 12-15, 2021

General Admission & Exhibitor Tickets – Any ticket holder who does not request a refund on or before May 19, 2020 will have his or her Replay FX 2020 ticket replaced by the equivalent type of ticket to Replay FX 2021. No refunds will be given for general admission tickets beyond May 19, 2020 or for any future Replay Foundation event. Moving forward, we encourage all attendees to explore the ticket insurance offered by ShowClix during the checkout process.

Competition Tickets – Tickets specifically sold for the Pinburgh competition or IPC will be automatically converted to Pinburgh and IPC 2021 tickets, respectively. Refunds for these specific types of tickets requested through the form below will be honored at a 100% rate minus fees until the May 19, 2020 deadline. After May 19, 2020, refund requests for competition tickets will be processed at a 75% rate until March 31, 2021, at which point we will continue following the normal refund schedule posted here. The Pinburgh waitlist will operate normally during this process.

In other news, we are thrilled to announce the return of the PAPA World Championships, which have not been held since 2017! The crowning of a new World Pinball Champion will take place in the Spring of 2021 in a location in or near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Watch for further details very soon.

We are also thrilled to announce Replay FX 2021 will be held August 12-15, 2021 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. We expect this will be our biggest and best Replay FX event yet!

Until we see you again, stay safe, wash your hands often, and keep playing the classic games – arcade, pinball, console, board, etc – that we all love so much.

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AUGUST 12-15, 2021