Supporting Developers

Replay FX is proud to support small and independent game developers. These dedicated and creative people are a major driving force in innovating new gaming techniques and in bringing fresh ideas to market. To support their efforts, Replay FX already offers free floor space on a first-come-first-served basis each year to any developer willing to show up and show off a new game to our attendees. This collaborative effort helps Replay FX offer the newest cutting-edge games for attendees to play, and it offers developers a chance to promote their new ideas and gather feedback from a wide variety of different types of gamers.

Vote For Your Favorite!

New in 2018, Replay FX is asking attendees to vote on their favorite indie-game presented at the show and will award a $1000 prize plus a custom die cast “Best in Show” medal to the winning team! The rules are simple, attendees are encouraged to speak with each development team, learn about the games, play them, and then vote for whichever game they enjoy the most! Teams are similarly encouraged to promote their games to everyone possible at the show and get out the vote!

All independent developers who are eligible for the contest will be located in the same area inside the Hall A arcade, and voting will take place in the same location. Ballots will be provided, and attendees are permitted to vote one time each. Votes will be tallied at noon on Sunday and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

2018 Contestants

The following teams signed up in advance for the 2018 indie-developer area and are eligible to win the $1000 prize and “Best in Show” medal. We encourage all attendees of Replay FX to stop by their booths, play games, and let us know which is their favorite!