Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs Replay FX?
The show is being produced by the Replay Foundation, better known as the organizers of the PAPA brand and its associated events.

Festival Director – Mark Steinman
Assistant Festival Director – Elizabeth Cromwell
Assistant Festival Director – Fred Cochran
Marketplace – Jon Replogle
Speaker Panels – Virginia Hendricks
Console Lounge – Josh Gockel
Guest and Media Relations – Jennifer Tiberio, Anastasia Steinman, Virginia Hendricks
Pinburgh – Head Tournament Director – Doug Polka
Pinburgh – Assistant Tournament Director – Bowen Kerins
Replay World Championship Tournament Director – Brian Teyssier
Costume Contest – Malicious Cosplay
Drawings and Raffles – Virginia Hendricks
Acquisition – Jon Replogle, Pete Hendricks, Brian Dye, Josh Gockel
Complaints and Abuse – Doug Polka
Awesomeness – Kevin Martin
Wild Card – Josh Gockel


How many games will be at the event?
Our current estimate is a minimum of 800 full-sized arcade and / or pinball machines, though we have reason to believe this may end up being a conservative estimate. We also take great pride in the overall quality of the games included in the festival and intend on opening the first day with 100% of them working.

We will also be providing thousands of console games, boardgames, and many different types of interactive displays. We will be continually updating the expected list of games here. If you would like to read regular updates on what games we’ve acquired recently, follow our facebook page.


Can I bring my own games?
Absolutely. Both vendors and attendees are encouraged to lend games as a way to support Replay FX. You cannot, however, show up with them unannounced. If you would like to bring a game, please read this page to learn more about the process and associated rewards.


Can I volunteer for a specific job?
We encourage volunteers to list their strengths and weaknesses on their application. While we’ll do our best to accomodate you, it isn’t always possible. Read this page for more information.


Is food or alcohol permitted?
Food and alcohol will both be served at the show, but attendees are not permitted to bring their own into the event.


Is Dirty Pool legal?
You bet your ass it is.


How do I sign up for the competitions?
Preregistration for Pinburgh will be available each December on this page. Preregistration for our costume competition will open in April on this page. All other competitions, including the Replay World Championship, will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis at the event.


What is the greatest pinball machine of all time?
Disco Fever.


How do I sign up to offer a seminar?
More information can be found on this page.


What happens if someone takes a piece out of a board game and doesn’t return it?
It puts the piece back in the box or else it gets the hose again.


How do you knock out Tyson in NES Punch-out?
A lot of caffeine, and 007-373-5963 helps a lot.


I have a crazy-awesome idea, will you listen?
Assuming you don’t freak us out too badly, yes, we will listen.


Are you really going to have that many games?
Check out our photo gallery of previous events! The games will be there, will you?


What do you think of indie-game development?
Indie-game development requires a passion and dedication that our staff feels best represents the core of why we enjoy playing games. If we collectively infuse Replay FX with a similar sentiment, the experience will be rewarding for attendees, developers, and the event as a whole.

In other words… respect.


Will an 883 beat an 821?
Unlikely, but a 999 sure would, assuming you live long enough to find an 821.


Do I win anything for reaching the bottom of this page?
Yes! Click here for your prize!