Who runs Replay FX?

The show is being produced by the Replay Foundation, better known as the organizers of the PAPA brand and its associated events. The Replay Foundation exists to both preserve and celebrate pinball, video games, and the history that surrounds our tech and gaming culture.

Do you have future dates?

July 9-12, 2020

How many games will be at Replay FX?

Hundreds of full-sized pinball and arcade games will be available to play! We will also be providing thousands of console games, boardgames, and many different types of interactive displays. We will be continually updating the list of games here, but the best way to get a feel for what to expect on the show floor is to look at pictures from previous years! If you would like to read regular updates on what games we’ve acquired recently, follow our Facebook page.

Can I bring my own games?

Yes and No. We treat each situation differently. In some cases, we are willing to compensate attendees who bring new, hard to find, or multiple games, but we typically do not permit attendees to bring single or common games because of the scheduling requirements involved in delivering them to the convention center during what is frequently a very, very busy setup period. The easiest way to find out one way or the other is just to contact us and ask!

Can I volunteer to help?

Absolutely! Please look over our volunteer information located here.

Is food or alcohol permitted?

Food and alcohol will both be served at the show, but attendees are not permitted to bring their own into the event.